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Six Month Smiles

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Six Month Smiles

What are Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic treatment option that is suitable for patients over the age of 16. The system uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wiring to quickly and effectively straighten teeth in just six months. This treatment is best suited for patients with mild to only moderate orthodontic misalignment and malocclusion problems. The system is virtually invisible so that no one will know you’re even wearing braces.

Why are Six Month Smiles needed?

You might need or want Six Month Smiles because you have crowded and crooked teeth. You may not like the way that your smile looks and you might even avoid laughing or smiling at your friends and family members. If you’re an adult, it is never too late to consider treating your orthodontic problems. In some cases, adults who have already undergone orthodontic treatment in the past will need re-treatment, and Six Month Smiles is a viable option for them.


Who is a candidate for Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is best suited to older teens and adults over the age of 16. This is because the system works quickly to straighten tooth, so it’s not suitable for children and young teens whose teeth are still developing. However, because Six Month Smiles works so quickly, you aren’t in braces for years at a time. You simply get fitted with your Six Month Smile system and you’ll be out of them in half a year.

What happens during treatment of Six Month Smiles?

We will consult with you to ensure you’re a good candidate for the system. We then place clear brackets on each of your teeth. Tooth-colored wiring is used in conjunction with these brackets to straighten your teeth. You will need to come into the office every few weeks for fittings and adjustments. After six months, your teeth will be straight and free of orthodontic problems. A retainer can be made for you to wear after treatment to maintain your results.

If you think you’d benefit from Six Month Smiles, call our office today and our staff members can help you further.